In Memory of Junet Runbeck

In Loving Memory of Junet Runbeck, Ed.D.

This space is dedicated to Junet Runbeck (1914-2005)

Junet Runbeck passed away on September 20, 2005 after an extended bout with cancer.  A highly respected educator, she taught in her birthplace, Preston, Wash., at Geiger School in Tacoma and at Pacific Lutheran University.  She was an educator in Ethiopia, Mexico and the Philippines.  She earned a degree from Stanford University and her doctorate from the U. of Northern Colorado.  Among her many awards for professional and volunteer endeavors are the National Laubach Literacy Action Award and PLU’s Distinguished Alumnus Award in 1996.  Junet Runbeck, professor of education emerita, began Bethel’s elementary education program when she joined the faculty in 1962 and provided strong leadership in the department until her retirement in 1980.  After retirement, Junet volunteered with adult literacy programs and spent many years leading Bible studies and teaching adult Sunday school classes.

Ginger Lime

A damn good drink. Great for when you're sick. Kind of like a Hot Toddy or other sick time pick me up drink.

Oaxaca Old Fashioned

A damn good drink from Barrio in Seattle.

Javascript - How to write a specific Date value to URL based on Current Date

The need for this code came about because I administer a SharePoint based site that uses a DataView (WebFormPart) to dynamically udpate ASPX Display Form content that a user sees based on URL. Because URL was already being used with SQL data, and because this site was only going to be used internally by Microsoft (and MSFT force updates users' clocks to reset back to the correct time within a minute of a user accidently updating their clock wrong), I felt it was Ok to use JavaScripting.

What this script does:
  • A user visits a page such as, where Billy is pulled in from some other method, but we also needed to tag on a date value to provide more sorting options. So, now that URL with the code below will re-bounce immediately to, where the YEAR date is based off of what the needed Fiscal Year is.
  • Amaretto Sunset recipe

    Had apple cider on hand and wanted to booze it up. This drink should taste orangey, almondy, appley, all together. A good Autumn/Fall drink.

    Smoked Sausage, Butternut Squash and Wild Rice Soup

    Thanksgiving Day favorite

    Homemade Coffee Creamers

    I have not run the numbers, but would guess that it is cheaper to make your own coffee creamers, hence this post.


    UPDATE: it is much easier and better tasting to just take and fill a coffee cup with 1/3 ice cream, 2/3 coffee, and stir well; then reheat and stir again. Or blend in blender. Nothing else is really needed. Have tried a little milk and sugar and/or extracts, syrups, etc., but just ice cream gives the easiest and best results. Try Pumpkin and other season flavors to go beyond a basic French Vanila. Additionally, to top it all off, take a small scope more ice cream and plop it in. Go crazy and sprinkle cinnamon and brown sugar on top of that.


    Magical Little Quiches

    I really hate eggs in most forms; but, a really well made quiche or omelet, which is full of meats, veggies and only a little egg is quite acceptable. Plus, there is very little that is usually "gourmet" about eggs in most people's home cooking, so I wanted to play around with that a little. I am sure there are lots of easier, and even more gourmet eggs recipes out there, but this was my try at it without using any cookbooks or online resources, other than my choosing to use my aunt's pesto.

    Shirley's Asparagus Pesto

    This is good tossed with cooked pasta, or spread on crostinis with chopped tomatoes and bacon, or on my mini quiches.

    Rum Old Fashioned

    Inspired by a delicious rum that brings to mind a scotch.

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